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Attest Services

Financial Assurances

Sometimes your business may be required to provide financial assurances that are not as comprehensive, nor as expensive, as an audit. You might need financial statements for new bank financing or ongoing financing covenants, for insurance certification, and for prospective partners or investors. That’s why, in addition to our Audit services, we also offer compilation and review financial statements.


Specific analytical procedures and tests result in a financial statement that gives reasonable assurance to an outside observer of your company’s financial standing.


A presentation of your financial information, based on information you provide without review or audit procedures. For many situations, a compilation can be all that you need.

In the process of preparing these attest services, we can help you organize the financial information that supports the financial statements. And we will always let you know if we become aware of any problem in any area of your company’s finances.

Attest services are unique to CPAs because of specific legal requirements and precise industry standards for each type of attestation service, defined and monitored by the American Society of CPAs. When we provide your attestation services at any level, you can be sure that you are offering your financial partners an accurate and reliable presentation of your company’s financial position.

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