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Our Audit Process

Here’s how our audit teams work to make the audit process as easy as possible for you.

  1. Two to Four weeks before our audit begins, we send an information request detailing every piece of information we will need, so that you have plenty of advance time to gather the required documents and schedule any staff interviews or facilities access we may require.
  2. For onsite field work, our staff picks up the documents you have gathered, and meets with your personnel for any requested information gathering. We always bring with us everything we need for our work. We will never take over your office equipment or your administrative staff to assist us. Our goal is to be invisible while we are on location.
  3. On completion of the audit, we provide a draft, and meet with senior management to review the draft before we issue the audit, so that you can be assured of its accuracy and compliance.
  4. When we provide our opinion on internal controls as required, we will also provide recommendations on how your internal controls can be improved.
  5. We are here for our audit clients all year round, so you can call us at any time to follow up for any reason.